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Tips for Getting Here

We have provided simplified maps for your convenience. St. Clair has 3 main ways into town: Two exits off I-44, the beginning (or terminus) of Missouri Highway 30, and the north-south Missouri Hwy 47, which is one of very few Missouri River crossings. Hwy. 47 runs through two towns to the north (Washington and Union) which are have eclipse celebrations of their own. The road is two lane, and fills up fast, but does act as a feeder from east-west U.S. 50. Coming from the west, totality crosses I-44 just east of St. James. be aware of this, to prevent being stuck on the road when it goes dark.

It is normally about 50 minutes from St. Clair to I-270 in St. Louis. There is road construction at Missouri Hwy. 141. Construction crews will not be active, but the construction zone is still there. We advise you take a look at before traveling. St. Louis Monday morning rush hour will still exist both before and after the eclipse. Travel time will probably be 2x-3x that 50 minutes if you are traveling at a clogged time.

The trick is to travel at times less traveled. Coming out from St. Louis? Plan to be in St. Clair by 9 a.m. Bored? Bring a book or some electronic entertainment, once you find your place to be. Come out Hwy. 30 –it is a nice scenic drive,though it will likely be less crowded than I-44. Once here, plan to stay put. If you decide at 12:30 to move to a different location, you likely won’t be able to get there. Are you one of those people who leave a ball game in the 8th inning to get ahead of the crowd, or stays until most of the stands are empty? Good for you! 1:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. are anticipated to be two times NOT to leave. Our restaurants will be open on Monday, and a number of civic groups and churches are BBQing. Eat dinner with us. What’s your rush?

If you are flying into St. Louis, we recommend staying over up there, or flying out at 8 p.m. or later or doing a red-eye. What may usually be a two hour “return the car and go through security” will also likely be on a delay. Be patient and smile.

We appreciate the effort you are making to view the eclipse in St. Clair. We want you to have a good time and be safe in your travels.

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