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State Parks taking advance reservations for eclipse parks

State Parks taking advance reservations for eclipse parks published on 4 Comments on State Parks taking advance reservations for eclipse parks

This is from a Missouri State Park news release:


Advance Registration is closed. Please check with your local park for openings after February 21.


I will be travelling from St Loius to St Clair on the day of the eclipse. Will there be a designated place to watch? I would be grateful for any information.


Joanne Burke

Dear Joanne,
At this time the plans are for viewing stations around Main Street, Orchard or Evergreen Park, the VFW Hall (on I-44 North outer road) and possibly the old airport or the Plaza. Those are nebulous plans at this time, though Main Street, one of the parks and the VFW are pretty certain. The school is currently off limits and they will be on closed campus last I heard. We have an eclipse meeting Thursday night. I may know more then. We will post for sure when we have things firmed up.

We are coming over from the UK for the eclipse, stopping in St Louis. We’re thinking of hiring a car to get to St Clair. What will the parking facilities be like? Where will be the best place to view the eclipse from?

Thank you

Kind regards

Heather Pearson

Dear Heather,
On Monday St. Clair will have viewing stations set up on Main Street, at Orchard or Evergreen Park, the VFW Hall on the north outer road of I-44)
and possibly St Clair Plaza or the old airport. We will have shuttles running on that day from viewing stations to the commercial parts of town with restaurants, and stores. Closer to the date we will be publishing a detailed city map here, with designated parking, viewing stations and shuttle stops.
St. Clair is a small town of 7000 people, and you are never very far away from anything. The entire town is under the eclipse, and each viewing station will have volunteers on site to help with any questions. Email for the event is The viewing at the VFW Hall is the farthest from downtown, and that listed as Main Street is right in the center with a number of restaurants within easy walking distance. We’re glad you chose St. Clair to “Get your Eclipse on Route 66!”

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