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St Clair Airport Removed from Viewing Stations

St Clair Airport Removed from Viewing Stations published on 8 Comments on St Clair Airport Removed from Viewing Stations

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the St. Clair Airport has been removed as a viewing station as of July 24. Check back in a day or so for more information.


Will be flying in for the eclipse.

The airport will be open. There is one porta-potty on site, but no office, phone or other facilities except for the landing strip. If you are not staying with your plane, We suggest you come self-contained or make advance arrangements to come to town. It is one mile to a Gas station/Burger King/Taco Bell complex and 1.5 miles to the nearest viewing station at Orchard Park. St. Clair has no public transportation.

I’am planning on flying my Cessna 170B with 2 or 3 passengers, on Aug 21 to view the Eclipse. What a very good time to promote the airport. I thought there would be at lease something. I see their is not even a ” VIEWING AERA’ planed. You have a very nice airport, with a chance of being used more.

Don Jonas. I retired in 2007 from commercial flying. Now I fly my own small airplane for enjoyment. I live only 20 miles north of your airport on Foristell Woodliff Airpark (98MO) with my wife and 2 small dogs. We have a very good 2800 ft grass runway with lights for night operations. There are 17 owners of the airpark..

Mr. Jonas, our airport is in the midst of being decommissioned. There will be a portapotty on site, but the airport is really just a landing strip, with no facilities. You are welcome to fly in and stay with your plane, but the FAA said we could not have viewing on the landing strip for emergency landing reasons, and that is why we transferred viewing near the interstate to Orchard Park.

Ashame. Big chance to promote your town and make some money from visiting pilots.

Please reconsider decommissioning your airport. Our local airport drives considerable business to our town and started out as a small one like yours

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