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Questions about the Eclipse or Eclipse Viewing?

Questions about the Eclipse or Eclipse Viewing? published on 31 Comments on Questions about the Eclipse or Eclipse Viewing?

We have a Contact Us form to fill in for personal replies to any questions about our St. Clair events.

For general information about the event, you may also write and one of our solar elves will get back with you shortly.
Once you make initial contact, we can direct you to actual humans in charge of various aspects of the event for specific answers, if the elf cannot help you.


I would like to know about parking also

Dear Mr. Brzzeal:

There are numerous places which will have parking, some by advance reservation and some first come first served. Each landowner is responsible for his or her own arrangements. As they tell us, we are putting their venues up here on the parking page. Some parking is free, some is paid, and some is reserved. Some venues have much parking and some have a little — some are RV only, and others are varied. We have *a lot* of park at several sites. Orchard Park for sure. We will post more on the Parking page here as we get information on it.

No visitor should block driveways nor be rude about where they leave their cars, but what will happen will happen. Trying to get as many parking places set up ahead of time as we can.

I have been wondering, what will you do if 15,000 St. Louisans (5% of them) show up for your eclipse party? This eclipse is getting a very large amount of publicity, and St. Clair is only a short drive from St. Louis via I-44 and it is just about the nearest place to St. Louis on the center of the path of totality. I would love to come to St. Clair but I’m afraid of being parked in a traffic jam miles away on I-44 on the morning of August 21. I know you can’t predict what will happen, but do you have any indications of how many people are thinking about St. Clair?

Afraid of I-44 being a parking lot? Come out Gravois/ Missouri Hwy. 30! We telling people to prepare to arrive by 9 a.m. to avoid the rush, and prepare to eat supper here, and leave no earlier than 5 p.m. We’re not scared of no eclipse! Did you know that St. Clair has hosted a weekend faith-based outdoor event called Truth in the Outdoors- about 14,000 people over 3 days, with scarcely a blip in the activities? How many of those St. Louisians are going to take the day off? We don’t know. The people at The Great American say St. Clair should expect 8000 to 30,000 people. We’re preparing for about 10,000 to 15,000 at any given time. Franklin County has 5 other places with celebrations. Unlike most of those places, we’ve been planning since May 2016. The nearest comparable town in terms of eclipse length is DeSoto, and it’s not that much further from St. Louis.

We’re really good about going with the flow out here. Don’t be scared. Come out and join the fun.

is the event free

The Bluegrass Festival is $25/person for all day. The Car Show has entry fees, but free to attend. The Historical Museum presentations are free-will donation requested: the not for profit museum has a mortgage that need to be paid. The viewing stations are free to access. There will be T-shirts, glasses and memorabilia for sale. Parking is a mix of reservable for a fee, first come for a fee, and free. Other than that, the town is open for business, but there is no charge to come on in, nor to view the eclipse. Not anyway we could charge for that.

If I park at museum, how far of a walk to high school. Isn’t that one of the viewing areas? Thanks

The High School is NOT a viewing station that I am aware of. It was supposed to be used for school assemblies, but the local school board cancelled school. We are having a meeting tomorrow night, but I don’t know of anything happening there now.

The old Museum parking lot is 2 blocks from Main Street/Old Route 66. There will be an eclipse store there, and the new Museum will be open as a cooling station. Main Street has restaurants, shops the new Museum, the library and other places That section of town will be avaiable for dispersed viewing, with Ambassadors at the store, the new Museum and the Library

I am flying from Boston to St. Louis on 8/20 and staying for one night. Unfortunately I have to fly back to Boston on 8/21 but I can probably get a flight that leaves St. Louis at 6 pm. Does it give me time to arrive in St. Clair by 9 am on 8/21 and leave immediately after the eclipse ends (2:40 pm) and get to Lambert to turn in my rental and get a 6 pm flight? I am DESPERATE to see this!

I have actually driven from St. Clair to the airport with normal traffic to drop someone off and it took one hour fifteen minutes. I didn’t have to return a car nor deal with the TSA. I am making no promises, but I would take an 8 p.m. flight, assuming 2x the drive time and 2 hours to get the car back, and do security. You might do better to skip the last half hour, and try to get ahead of the traffic and plan for dinner on the concourse.

I’d rather view from my yard, right across from the park. Not a fan of crowds, also not into your money making off of it,

That’s great that you have a good venue to see the eclipse. I don’t know who the “you” is you are referring to, but many many businesses will make money off of this. More importantly, St. Clair will now be more than a drive by town, which might cause new businesses to locate here. Thank you for your comment.

I will be in St. Clair Aug 2-4 visiting my mom. Would it be possible to come by your office and purchase a t-shirt then? I am heading back to KCMO to prepare for the eclipse activities at my school. By the way, St. Clair has the cutest tag line for the eclipse. “Get your eclipse on Route 66.”

Dear Leigh Ann,
I sent you an email about how we might accommodate you.There are three official shirts that I know of; one for the Bluegrass Festival, one for the Car Cruise, (sponsored by the Chamber) and the Get your Eclipse on Route 66 one. I know the latter two are being sold through the St. Clair Area Chamber of Commerce. We are taking orders for local pickup, but are not shipping the shirts due to manpower and postage costs. See the T-Shrt page elsewhere on this website for details.

We are looking to purchase reservations for 12 family members in 3 cars. Specifically a to accommodate my 83 year-old wheelchair bound mother. Concerned about restroom facilities for her and that they won’t be a long football field trip to them. We are flying in from California to stay with relatives in Saint Louis. We have looked around far too long before realizing Saint Clair is the place to be. We’ll be leaving from St Louis (actually St Charles) early on the morning of the 21st. Can you please recommend a place that can accommodate us? If you know of a friend or business that can accommodate we’d be happy to pay $30 per car or more. Would like to eat local but thinking we’ll have to bring a picnic.
Thank you.

I have reservations at a motel in St Joseph for the 20th & 21st. Will drive to St Clair on the morning of the 21st. Could you recommend a good spot to park & view the eclipse?

I would seriously consider your options, Ms. Williams. While I am here to promote St. Clair, St. Joseph, Missouri, is on the centerline, at 2 minutes 40 seconds as well, just like St Clair. St. Joseph is expected to have 3 to 5 times the number of people as St. Clair, and you may have trouble getting out of town. Under the best of circumstances, with only a stop for gas, it is a 5 hour trip from St. Jo to St. Clair. This will not be the best of circumstances. Any of our viewing stations (see event map) will have fine viewing; the easiest ones to get to from I-44 will be Orchard Park, or St. Clair Plaza. We’re it me, and I was in St. Joseph, I would just hang tight there through the total eclipse and allow a couple of hours afterward before traveling here. If, as you say, you have reservations for the 20th and 21st in St. Joseph, why do a 10 hour road trip? As much as I want to see this be a success for St. Clair, I’m not sure that coming here from St. Joseph Mo., will buy you anything except tiredness and the cost of a tank of gas. It is, of course, your choice.

I live in Licking, Missouri, and I have family coming from Houston, Texas, to view the eclipse. Can I reserve a site for viewing? Where? How?

Please go to the Eclipse Lodging and Eclipse Parking pages. These are dropdown pages off Your Stay. Plenty of reservable opportunities there. Ask your host how close they are to a viewing station. Some are only a few minutes walk from parking; some have parking on site. Look at the site descriptions for the viewing stations and those pages for a start. Some of the parking or camping opportunities are suitable to stay at for observation; only the viewing stations are guaranteed to have food, drinks, a local Solar Ambassador volunteer and other amenities.

I’m traveling cross country and will be passing through on I-44 (probably not a good idea) during the event. Are you aware of any restrictions state/local police will be placing on the highway rest stops?

I am handicapped and have difficulty walking. I have a Handicap placard. Will there be any special accommodations to meet the needs of those of us who have difficulty getting around, especially parking and viewing .

Mobility Impaired or Special Needs –
There will be NO officially sponsored shuttles around town. (Sorry, that just never came together.) There is ADA parking in town, but it is somewhat limited. That being said We recommend private reserved parking near St. John’s UCC, at our VFW, the St. Clair Christian Church, and reserved parking at Health Mart (a pharmacy where I will be stationed) or perhaps near the American Legion Hall. These sites are most compatible, with a number of people on site to aid if requested. There will be 28 Solar Ambassadors in yellow shirts scattered around our 10 viewing stations, and they have been instructed how to assist with medical, health or other special issues if requested. We suggest you avoid Evergreen Park, the Saddle Club, Orchard Park (Flat with sidewalks but parking is not reservable.) If you want to go to St. John’s (very near the centerline) look at the parking offered by them, or the three acre parking site labeled “Park by the Red Cups” on Hwy. 30 in parking. That lot will have attendants on site. Be sure you bring a comfortable chair.

If you contact one of the reserved parking sites, you can talk with the owner about your special requirements.

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