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The people of St. Clair are friendly and welcoming and curious about the upcoming event. We are not a university town, nor an astronomical colony, but we know where the experts are. Most have put up websites, and we invite you to peruse their preview sites, then come back here to make your plans to join us.

Paige Hulsey KMOV video from St. Clair:

NASA 2016 Sun Page Sun Page

Other Missouri Eclipse pages: St. Louis Area Eclipse Page

NASA 2017 Solar Eclipse Page

How many people are close to the Eclipse?
Data from Michael Zeller: Great American

The Great American Eclipse  Missouri Page 

Dr. Angela Speck’s Eclipse Page 

“Fly Along with the Shadow” Vimeo Video by St. Clair flyover happens at 4:25 in the 7 minute video.

U.S. Naval Observatory August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse Page. This page is great if you are, or know an astronomy geek. Lots of data to play with, some calculation fields — if you enjoyed high school chemistry more than the football game, this is the page for you.

The National Eclipse Page. A page of information and events along the path from Oregon to South Carolina.

Press Mention in USA Today Travel+Leisure August 21, 2017.

1979 CBS News Eclipse Report with Walter Cronkite CBS Evening News 1979 This was the last time a total eclipse crossed the United States.

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