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Solar Eclipse 2017

St. Clair, Missouri is the only place the line of highest degree of solar occultation (maximum eclipse) crosses Route 66. This will occur August 21, 2017, at 1:17 in the afternoon. The eclipse will last for 2 minutes, 40 seconds, down on the south side within the city limits near the St. Clair High School. The St. Clair Chamber of Commerce will be heading up many events the preceeding weekend, and we're preparing for many of our visitors to stay over until midday Monday to see the show. We're only 52 miles west of the St. Louis Gateway Arch, and you never need to leave the interstate to get here! Come join us in 2017, and check back here as events develop!
Solar Eclipse 2017
Solar Eclipse 201723 hours ago
90 Days to Eclipse!
Solar Eclipse 2017
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Eclipse Safety
Solar Eclipse 2017
Solar Eclipse 20173 days ago
Eclipse viewing safety:
1) Don't just stare at the sun. It doesn't happen that fast. Look, look away for a whlie, Look again. (just like driving westbound on US40/I-64 at sunrise or sunset.)
2) If you want to view this directly: get the eclipse viewers or glasses. Where ever you buy them, they should have an ISO, CE or EU mark and some verbiage on the back, meaning they have been safety tested.
3) The cardboard glasses are better for kids (you can see they have them on) and the viewers easier for people who already wear glasses.
4) The glasses must be worn during the partial phases before and after totality. Once the sun winks out behind the moon, the glasses/viewers are unneeded until it emerges on the other side. Make sure your device has no pinholes or flaws. They can also be used to look for sunspots without an eclipse around.
5) NEVER NEVER look through binoculars, a camera, cellphone or a telescope at the sun without solar filters on the optical device or a solar wedge manufactured for that purpose. Without filters on your optical device the sun will fry the sensor, or possibly catch it on fire. Seriously. Unless you are a solar astronomer, or with someone who knows what they are doing, project the image thru these devices to enlarge it. (Think of burning paper with a magnifier. Only it's not paper, it is your eyeball.)
6) #14 arc welder's goggles are generally OK to view the sun. Polarizers, regular sunglasses, exposed film, smoked glass, Mylar balloons etc. are NOT.
7)Google pinhole projection: oats boxes, shoe boxes, any long tube and aluminum foil, tape and a pin, a colander, leaves overhead, a Ritz or Hi-Ho cracker.. pinhole possibilities are endless.

Finally: There are no nerve sensors on your retina. You will not "feel" a sunburn there. Permanent Damage will not hurt. So be very very careful and use eye protection!
Solar Eclipse 2017
Solar Eclipse 20173 days ago
I looked all this stuff up for a group I moderate, so am sharing it here.

OT-- Eclipses - copied from a sort of buried thread:

2017 is a good run up for 2024 Totality on the Current River!
Total Eclipses over Missouri since 1000 AD
These are paths, not points. 2017 comes in over St Jo and leaves over Ste. Gen. --Eclipse of the Missouri saints.

941 St. Louis metro - record in prehistoric rock art.
1257 St. Louis metro
1442 St. Louis metro
1869 Hannibal (Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, anyone?
2017 St. Louis metro
2024 SEMO

Total over Scenic Rivers country:
1257 and 2024.

The Midline of the 2024 eclipse will be over Doniphan.
(I am the science geek and head of the Solar Ambassadors for the midline in St. Clair, MO this year-- Get Your Eclipse on Route 66.

If you live in Scenic Rivers (Current, Jacks Fork and Eleven Point river areas) and want to see 2017 totality you will have to go NE to Farmington/Ste. Genevieve area.

It this sort of history/geography/science fascinates you, Google Fred Espenak and eclipses.

If you get either glasses or viewers from me or anyone, they can be used in Missouri for this August, for a partial eclipse in 2023, and the Scenic Rivers- Cape Girardeau totality in 2024. Just, when you are finished with them, put them inside a business-sized envelope, and make sure the lenses are not scratched before re-using. They do not go bad.

Glasses sold by Chamber members are available at a number of places around St. Clair. Maxine Scheske (Old Bus Stop Coffee Shop and Art Gallery on Commercial and Jo Schaper ( ) are selling both glasses and viewers cheaper than most places online.
Solar Eclipse 2017
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