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Viewing Station Maps

UPDATED ECLIPSE MAP with all the official viewing stations:
PICK A Place To Be and come to OUR Town!

We have 10 official viewing stations:
We are furnishing these locations with no entry charge. We highly suggest you bring folding chairs, eclipse glasses or viewers (we will have some for sale), a sunbrella or floppy hat, bandanna and a modest amount of money. Most viewing stations will have bottled water, food and soft drinks for sale. Numerous places are barbecuing that day, and souvenirs will be available. There will be Solar Ambassadors, local residents trained about the eclipse, viewing safety, able to contact first responders and generally knowledgeable about St. Clair. Some Solar Ambassadors will have eclipse toys, spotting scopes, pinhole projectors, and other devices to help make the eclipse understandable to non-scientists.

We are happy you have chosen to visit us!

Eclipse Viewing Stations in St. Clair
Monday, August 21, 2017
I-44 to Exit 240 in St. Clair – Follow Green Arrows to Sunglasses, which represent the viewing locations.
Sites on Gravois Road and the VFW may also be accessed from I-44 Exit 239, Or Missouri Hwy. 30.

1. Orchard Park – S. Service Rd (1100 Block)
Orchard Park is the city’s flagship viewing area- 24 acres, with all park amenities, plus food vendors, other vendors– a nice green leafy place to enjoy the eclipse.
2. Evergreen Park – Park Ave (300-600 Block)
A neighborhood pocket park. Much of Evergreen is on a modest slope towards the band shell ampitheater. A blanket might be a good idea for solar viewing at this location. Evergreen Park is just a feew
3. St. Clair Plaza Court – 920 Plaza Dr.
St. Clair Plaza is an area of small shops, the town’s main grocery store, a large restaurant, the local nursing home and other offices including the Chamber of Commerce. Local merchants will have their doors open for this event. Not much shade here, so be sure to bring some for you and yours.
4. Downtown – Main Street from Kitchell to Springfield Streets. Downtown is the original Route 66, and near the Burlington Northern (used to be Frisco) Railroad Tracks. North of where the tracks cross main are the Chamber Pop-Up Eclipse Store at 75. N. Main, the caboose, Lewis’ Cafe (since 1938), Blondie’s Bar and Grill. To the southeast of the tracks are the St. Clair Historical Museum, (cooling station and limited indoor seating), Scenic Regional Library and St. Clair Catholic Church (church picnic on Saturday).
5. St. Clair Saddle Club – 1285 Gravois Rd.
There will be camping and parking at the Saddle Club, which is out of town, away from the hustly bustle.
6. St. Clair American Legion – 215 W. Gravois Rd. The American Legion might be a good venue for older people. There is a large air conditioned building, indoor seating, and a welcoming atmosphere for older people. The American Legion will be barbecuing.
7. St. Clair VFW Post – 1087 N. Service Rd. W – Our VFW post is the closest place to where the eclipse midline crosses old Route 66. It is along the third road alignment, in the old Skylark Motel. Another reasonable choice for older people needing to get in out of the heat.
8. St. Johns United Church of Christ – 920 E. Gravois Rd. The United Church of Christ property is large and grassy, with the church facilities open that day for visitors. They will be barbecuing, and providing a quieter venue away from the hubbub of downtown. They are also very very VERY close to the actual midline.
9. Health Mart Pharmacy/R&R Hardware – 845/850 N. Commercial Rd. This commercial center has a grassy swath to the north, and can accommodate several hundred viewers. Both stores will be well-stocked with “I forgot that” merchandise.
10. St Clair Christian Church – 1350 Highway TT St. Clair Christian Church is out of town to the north, with a large grassy viewing area, friendly people and a very family friendly venue. They have easy access to a backdoor way out of town to I-44.

Want a downloadable copy to print? Click below!

Downloadable Viewing Station Map

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