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Cooling Stations and Special Needs

These viewing stations and public service venues are cooling stations or have one very nearby:
places with a/c which will be open to accommodate people who need to get out of the heat for a while. Many are also serving food on Monday and a fair number of those have proceeds to go to their group or be donated to some cause. Please heed any signs from businesses who want to serve only customers: or become one, yourself!

• Health Mart and R&R Hardware: stores will be open.
• Old Bus Stop Coffee Shop and Art Gallery 545 N. Commercial (you need to see our eclipse art there!) Just up the hill South of the Healthmart and R&R
• St. Clair Plaza – Dollar Plus and most of the businesses around there know they will have people coming inside for that reason.
• St. John’s United Church of Christ basement
• St. Clair Christian Church basement.
• St. Clair Historical Museum (560 S. Main)
• St. Clair Eclipse Store 75 N Main
• St. Clair Public Library. On East Springfield about a block west from Main.
• American Legion Hall 47 and Hwy 30
• VFW Hall (old Skylark Motel) on North Service Road
• St. Clair City Hall Paul Parks Drive and Commercial will be open.
• St. Clair Saddle Club has a/c in the cook shack building.
• The Parks do not have A/C buildings, but one has a spray park and the other is planning to have misters and the First Responder Command Trailer as a cooling station.
• Most Restaurants will be open. Scattered through
• This is not a comprehensive list, but it is somewhere to start.

St Clair also has a Knights of Columbus Hall, an Elks Lodge and a Masonic Temple. All are holding fundraisers and all have A/C.
We’re friendly people. And most of the people with businesses are decent people — we’re too small to have a “bad part of town.”

Mobility Impaired or Special Needs –
There will be NO officially sponsored shuttles around town. (Sorry, that just never came together.) There is ADA parking in town, but it is somewhat limited. That being said We recommend private reserved parking near St. John’s UCC, at our VFW, the St. Clair Christian Church, and reserved parking at Health Mart (a pharmacy where I will be stationed) or perhaps near the American Legion Hall. These sites are most compatible, with a number of people on site to aid if requested. There will be 28 Solar Ambassadors in yellow shirts scattered around our 10 viewing stations, and they have been instructed how to assist with medical, health or other special issues if requested. We suggest you avoid Evergreen Park, the Saddle Club, Orchard Park (Flat with sidewalks but parking is not reservable.) If you want to go to St. John’s (very near the centerline) look at the parking offered by them, or the three acre parking site labeled “Park by the Red Cups” on Hwy. 30 in parking. That lot will have attendants on site. Be sure you bring a comfortable chair.

If you contact one of the reserved parking sites, you can talk with the owner about your special requirements.

Most sites will have food, cooling and other vendors on site. Main Street will be closed to vehicles on Sunday August 20 for the Car Show.

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