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Total Eclipse Central

St. Clair Missouri will be ground zero for total solar eclipse viewing on August 21, 2017. The maximum extent of eclipse for the near maximum time (2 minutes, 41 seconds, only 2 seconds less than total maximum time, occurring off in the Southern Illinois woods somewhere).

We are ready to welcome you to help us celebrate here, where the midline of the Great American Eclipse crosses the Great American Mother Road — US Route 66. We have a weekend of activities: a parade and fireworks on Friday, bluegrass festival Saturday, A Route 66 “Cruisin’ the Eclipse” Car Show on Sunday, an Eclipse Store (75 N. Main from August 14 to August 21) and 10 viewing stations, complete with trained Solar Ambassadors in yellow shirts to welcome you personally and answer your questions. We’re so glad you are coming here!

But rather than put up a tent, St. Clair is ready to serve you with creature comforts, as well as one of the best views on the continent. The last time a total solar eclipse came over what would become St. Clair, it was 1442: the Osage people still ruled this region, and Columbus had not even been born yet. We invite you to look at our lodging, camping and parking pages. If you don’t have a place to stay yet, 2 or 3 offerings are opening up and being posted every day!

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Why is this exciting? It has been 148 YEARS since a Total Solar Eclipse passed over the state of Missouri, on August 7, 1869. Then, it just clipped a corner in the Northeast near Hannibal.

The eclipse will begin at 11:48 a.m. By 1:15:42 p.m. the sun will enter totality, and remain there until 1:18:24 p.m., with the sun emerging from partial eclipse at 2:43:28 p.m. The eclipse will pass immediately over the city limits of St. Clair, on the southern end, near the high school.

St. Clair Aerial Topo

Here is a handy summary of the eclipse times:
Saint Clair Eclipse times:

Starts: 16:48:33 (11:48:33 CDT)
Totality: 18:15:42 ( 1:15:42 CDT)
Maximum: 18:17:02 ( 1:17:02 CDT)
Total Ends: 18:18:24 ( 1:18:24 CDT)
Ends: 19:43:28 ( 2:43:28 CDT)

Eclipse: 2Hr 54Min 54Sec

Totality at St. Clair: 2Min 41sec.

1.015% coverage at maximum eclipse.

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